You Will Get Chills with these Real Horror Houses

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Horror house is a term that depicts any house where horrific tragedies took place. Heinous crimes such as rape, kidnapping, murder, and discovery of rotten corpses are the usual happenings that atrociously took place in these places of horror. Societies differ as to the factors that triggered such instances in life. However, one thing is sure and that is the fact that horror houses are reminders that crimes against humanity are still existent in this world.

List of Horror Houses in History

  • The Turpin House

One of the most recent accounts of horror house in history is that of the Turpin house where 13 children were chained and tortured for years. The Turpin children range from 2 to 29 years old and all of whom are so emaciated that you would never believe they are as their ages imply. The children went through immense horror and torture, which goes beyond the physiological aspect. They suffered from psychological torture as foods were placed on the table and none of the children was allowed to eat them. The father of the family took care of his children’s education through a legal home school system.

  • The Tokyo Apartment

Nine corpses were discovered in a Tokyo suburban house in 2017. All the bodies were beheaded, mutilated, and then stacked in boxes. Although the neighbors already complained of the rotting smell, they assumed that it came from the sewer and not the house. The 27-year-old suspect methodically took care of his situation through covering the corpses’ smell with cat litter. Police were able to connect the disappearance of a young woman with the male suspect where the latter sought a partner for a suicide pact via social media.

  • The Fournirets’ French Manor

Michel Fourniret is the man behind one of the most gruesome crimes in France. His morbid alliance with Monique Olivier led to the rape and murder of several young girls. The killings took place in the horror house that Fourniret bought near the Belgian and French borders. Fourniret even escalated his heinous crimes through murdering the wife of an inmate he met in prison.

  • The House of a Maoist Guru

A 75-year-old Maoist guru named Aravindan Balakrishnan was the main culprit in various rape complaints in his local community in the United Kingdom. The guru was arrested along with his wife after two cult members accused them of rape. Police investigations led to the discovery of a more disturbing crime that the couple committed against their own daughter. Accusations claimed that the young woman is incarcerated in the cellar for more than three decades where she spent her life in solitude, having mice and rats as her only friends and companions.

  • Natascha’s Horror Prison

Natascha Kampusch is the unfortunate victim of a man who kidnapped, raped, and imprisoned her in an Austrian house. Natascha was 10 when she was kidnapped and lived in utter isolation underground in a cellar. She was 18 when she finally managed to escape and was rescued but Kampusch showed a classic sign of Stockholm syndrome.

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