These Psychedelic Drugs Have the Most Outrageous Effects

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Psychedelic drugs give you that experience you never thought possible. These drugs cause auditory and visual hallucinations as well as alter reality and states of consciousness. Some people share experiences such as having that point-of-view shot where your sense of hearing suddenly turns bizarre or the colors become more vibrant while objects swirl all around you. This list shows the psychedelic drugs that could give you that kind of outrageous effect.


List of Powerful Psychedelics


  • DMT


Also known as the king of all psychedelics, this drug contains elements from nature that you can find almost everywhere. Animals and plants naturally product DMT, including human beings, particularly the pineal gland. The drug induces a powerful psychedelic experience when smoked, with users stating that it is truly life changing. DMT takes you to a new perception of reality where the ego dissolves, allowing you to travel to yet another dimension. High dosage of DMT may cause near-death experiences, making users travel to what they believe as the afterlife.


  • Marijuana


Cannabis does have medicinal effect at typical dosage but it becomes a psychedelic or hallucinogen when you take it in higher quantities. Marijuana affects the brain due to a chemical called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Users have magnified imagination, thoughts, and perception, feeling like their trains of thought becomes more profound than normal. THC has impact on the level of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, resulting in relaxation, euphoria, and pain management. However, overdosing in cannabis could also lead to paranoia and anxiety.


  • Ecstasy (MDMA)


Ecstasy is probably the most famous drug in the list due to its popularity in parties and the rave scenes. However, it is also one of the psychedelics with the most harmful substance or content. With approximately two million pills smuggled and sold in the US per day, the market for ecstasy is quite big and growing bigger. MDMA is the less catchy chemical that is present in the drug, which affects the serotonin receptors, blasting your senses to a completely new world. Although you feel initially euphoric, the serotonin levels could reach a much lower range than normal when you come down from its effects. Thus, ecstasy may lead to irritability, feelings of tiredness, and bouts of depression.


  • Amanita Muscaria


It may look like your stereotypical poisonous mushroom, but this psychedelic is more than how it looks. The fungus grows in the Northern Hemisphere’s boreal and temperate areas with unique features that made it more rare but dangerous at the same time. The active ingredients of Amanita Muscaria include ibotenic acid and muscimol, which are poisonous neurotoxin and psychoactive, respectively. Users experience psychological torture with this drug and there are claims that it is neither recreational nor enjoyable.


  • Peyote


The Native American cactus is more than just a spiritual aid but it became illegal due to a racist propaganda that banned the peyote cactus in most religious rites and ceremonies. It contains an active ingredient called mescaline, boosting the serotonin for a euphoric high and deep introspection.

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