These Incredible People were Cursed with their Names

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Humiliating names could absolutely ruin your life as if there is just no way could you ever outlive your misfortune. No matter how incredible you made your life may be, changing the course of your history may not necessarily happen because your parents simply gave you a name that people will laugh at every time they hear it.


List of Great People with Cursed Names


  • Pupienus (Emperor of Rome)


You may not immediately think that this name should be included in this list but the pronunciation of the name would tell you it is rightfully where it should be. For instance, the name Pupienus is pronounced “Poopy Anus.” The emperor of Rome is one of the greatest in the history of Rome and ruler of an incredible empire on Earth. His story is not an ordinary rags-to-riches account because Pupienus Maximus worked his way to the throne. He became a military expert from being a lowly blacksmith son. His name is in odd history books but historians often refer to him as Maximus and not Pupienus.


  • Anurag Dikshit (Self-Made Billionaire)


Even with a surname like that, you would absolutely be willing to have the same name especially if you would instantly become family to the wealthiest man in India. Anurag Dikshit is one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the country being the cofounder of PartyGaming.com. It is the Internet-based gambling network, which operates behind the famous website Party Poker. Even in the midst of the challenges that the company faced due to American gambling laws, the online gambling exec and his team managed to make their business legal on a technical basis.


  • Gay Hitler (From a Prominent Family in Ohio)


The Hitlers built the town of Circleville, Ohio. You could find numerous mementos of the Hitlers throughout the town such as the Hitler Pond, Hitler Park, and the roads that were named after the founding family. The Hitlers of Ohio are good and decent families unlike the infamous dictator in history. One of the famous members of the family is George Washington Hitler with a son named Dr. Gay Hitler. The dentist is one of the first who settled in Circleville and opened his dental center downtown during the year 1922. Despite the rise of the fascism in Berlin, the Ohio Hitlers maintained their dignity.


  • Dick Bong (Greatest Flying Ace of America)

Despite a seemingly cursed name, Dick Bong is remembered as the greatest American pilot during World War II. History considered him as the Ace of Aces in the world of aviation, shooting down more enemy planes than other pilots of America during WWII. Dick Bong never backed out of the aerial battles, considering them the great games that would make life more interesting. Combat flying gave him the zest and inspiration in what he does and in just two years of serving in the army, Major Bong took down 40 enemy planes. Unfortunately, he never made it to history books just like Charles Lindbergh and the Red Baron.


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