The Most Outrageous April Fool’s Hoaxes in History

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April Fool’s Day is that one day of the year when you have the permission to do crazy things without anyone criticizing you for it. You may have probably encountered or heard about the craziest hoaxes during this day of the year. The Museum of Hoaxes and this list will show you some of the top pranks that made April Fool’s Day more colorful, exciting, and downright entertaining.


List of Shocking April Fool’s Day Pranks


  • The Mount Edgecombe Eruption


Sitka, Alaska is home to a growing number of people in 1974 and it is where one of the most outrageous hoaxes on April Fool’s Day occurred. The residents were startled and horrified one day when Mount Edgecombe, a long-dormant volcano started belching out black smoke. The people were horrified of the possibility that the volcano could be active again and it is happening right before their eyes. It turned out that it was all a practical joke for April Fool’s Day. Porky Bickar took the hard task of transporting hundreds of unused tires to the crater of the volcano and lit them on fire in order to fool the dwellers and he was indeed successful.


  • UFO Landing in London


It was supposedly a dream come true for alien researchers and UFO enthusiasts when they heard a glowing flying saucer descended on a highway outside London in 1989. Many motorists who witnessed the event went out of their car in order to watch the bizarre incident more closely. Local residents called the police regarding an alien invasion when the flying saucer finally landed on London’s outskirt field. When the officers investigated, they found that the UFO is but a prank that Richard Branson pulled off for April Fool’s Day. The Virgin Records chairman planned this hoax as reflection of his passion for both pranks and ballooning.


  • Hotheaded Ice Borers


The discovery of a new animal species shook mainstream media when Discover Magazine released an issue talking about the existence of a creature called the naked hotheaded ice borer in Antarctica. Dr. Aprile Pazzo allegedly made the discovery that introduced the fascinating creatures with heads that have bony plates. The new species also displayed their heads that could become burning hot when numerous blood vessels perform their function. The hot plate allegedly helps the creature bore through ice and do it at such high speeds. The April Fool’s Day prank of the magazine made them receive hundreds of mails addressing one article in the magazine’s history.


  • Nixon for President… Again


A segment for National Public Radio tackled one important subject that became one of the most talked about subjects for the Talk of the Nation program. The 1992 April Fool’s Day prank stated that Richard Nixon will be running for president yet again with his slogan “I didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t do it again.” In order to make the prank more believable, there were audio clips that supposedly supported the news, showing Nixon and his candidacy speech.

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