The Shocking Ways How Artificial Intelligence Works

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is usually present in science fictions. However, it is undeniable how AI is actually undergoing speedy development and the advancements are quite impressive than expected. There are instances that you may actually question the possibility that artificial intelligence could be more than just science fiction after all. Although AI could significantly improve your life, it could also hurt you in some ways. This list will show you that AI could possibly works in the most unnerving ways.


How Artificial Intelligence Shockingly Works


Pregnancy Prediction


The groundwork of artificial intelligence is data mining, which keeps track of customers along with their choices of merchandise or items in order to have recommendation to particular shoppers. The same data mining software detected the pregnancy of a teenager girl based on her history of purchases from Target. Consequently, the father confronted Target as to why his daughter is getting baby product coupons from the store. He later apologized as it turned out his daughter was pregnant, showing that AI knew more than her very own parents after all.


Composing Music, Releasing an Album


Amper was an AI musical composer, performer, and producer that collaborated with Taryn Southern, a pop singer. The same AI produced and released the album I am Ai, where the machine-learning app formed and released the music album. Groups of AI innovators, scientists, and expert performers joined together in order to give birth to Amper. The worldwide release of the album called Break Free came to be on the 21st of August 2017. Amper created the music while Taryn Southern added vocals to it.


AI Partners Talking in Secret Language


A couple of chatbots for Facebook started talking in a language that only the two AIs know of. This prompted Facebook to quit the experiment since the bots altered the English language into something that is incomprehensible for others, including the persons that are working on the experiment. The Facebook team shut down the bots since it appears that they actually understood each other perfectly and what they are speaking is not nonsense after all. The Facebook bots named Bob and Alice were quite different to that of Google’s Translate AIs since the company decided to continue after the device created its own virtual dialect.


Bots Killing Humans


A robot technician working at car parts met a sudden demise when a robot crushed her skull at the plant where she was working for manufacturer Ventra Ionia. Her bereaved family filed a lawsuit against the robotic companies that are responsible for the robot that crushed her. Another man died when a robotic arm crushed him while he was working in a Volkswagen factory in 2015. The prevention of robots hurting and killing humans became a priority with necessary measures done to avoid death but fatalities are actually not rare or unheard of.


Many other instances show you that artificial intelligence could actually become more shocking than you think. What would you feel if robots suddenly become racist or question those in authority?


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