5 Tactics to Protect Our Bikes from Thieves

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It’s not just booming in the US, but also in other parts of the world, there’s a growing number of bike theft cases. Once stolen, the recovery efforts are almost always impossible to make because bike thieves knew very well how to carry out their modus operandi without being caught.

What makes the recovery effort even more difficult is that bikes can be disassembled, its frame and spare parts can be sold right away in the black market. And they aren’t usually confronted with the hassle of presenting papers or legal documents when they sold it either separately in parts or sell it as a whole. This challenge is one of the reasons that authorities are having a hard time solving cases, policing, or even fairly punishing these thieves.

Bike thieves are good at taking advantage of our failure to use a reliable locking device, coupled with a bit of negligence in parking or leaving and our innocence in bike protection. Unless we are able to catch them on the spot, then we may have a chance to recover it instantly, otherwise, we will say goodbye to our bike for good.

We shouldn’t worry so much though, there are several bike protection strategy we can do to make sure our bike won’t be taken away from us. Here are five best tactics to begin with:


Upgrade our locking device


It’s good to remember that thieves are always prepared to execute their plan once they see an unattended bike. They are smart enough to find ways to unlock or destroy our bicycle’s locking device.

The truth is, no device has been invented yet that is 100% theft proof, but investing in a high quality locking device would give thieves a difficult time to unlock it rather than just buying a cheaper one such as a cable or chain lock that could easily cut with the use of bolt cutters.

One of the best product out there is U-lock (also called D-lock) which is made of hardened steel. It usually has a thickness of around 16 millimeter making it hard to be broken by a manual bolt cutter.

Place a tracking device

Bike lock is only our first line of defense against theft. Placing a covert tracking device like GPS on our bike may help battle theft inasmuch as it tracks the location of our bike when stolen. Although for it to work, we have to make sure it’s activated once we leave.

Lock it in a visible place 

As much as possible, we should lock our bike only in a visible place or in a well-lighted area where we can easily take a glimpse of it. The burglar may have a second thought in executing his plan or he may get anxious to be easily caught.

Take easily removable accessories with us

 When we leave our bike in a parking area or in any other place, we should never forget to remove our accessories like air-pump, lights, speedometer, etc., as they are potential giveaways. Accessories can be easily stolen and hidden since most of it are small.

Take a photo of our bike

This may be more of a retrieval tactic. Taking a photo of our bike may somehow help us when we seek assistance from authorities to find it. Photos of specific parts of our bike will at least make it easier to find since there’s a concrete visual of it.

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