Weird Medieval Art Trends that Will Blow Your Mind

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Medieval art is one of the weirdest in history. Unlike the Renaissance and the Classics, the medieval era brought about certain art trends that you would absolutely find strange and not worth revisiting. However, the peculiarity of the medieval art is also, what makes it great. This list will show you some weird trends that you would often see repeatedly if you were from such an intriguing era.


List of Weird Medieval Art Trends


  • The Horns of Moses


The medieval era is when the copy of the Bible was printed and that copy suggested that Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments in his hands. Moreover, a disturbing detail says that Moses has horns in his head instead of the modern interpretation that his face was “shining” or with a “ray of light.” The interpretation of the word keren in Hebrew means either “horn” or “ray of light”, making it confusing for most people. Thus, pictures and paintings of Moses depict the man with horns sticking out of his head due to this particular background. Thus, the ancient artists, including Michelangelo, left medieval arts that show this particular trend.


  • Demons in Medieval Arts


It is quite strange that some medieval artists seem to love the idea of drawing demons and depicting them in much stranger ways. For instance, medieval arts depict horrifying monsters as demons but the weird trend is drawing faces of innocent people on their crotches. The weird pictures seem to depict something sexual with this type of trend since they show oddly phallic-looking faces in between the legs or thighs of the terrifying monsters. Art experts explain that it shows the evil connotation of wanton sexual temptation. Moreover, the pictures would symbolize the danger of lust as lust is the sole popular subject in medieval era art.


  • Knights versus Snails


Knights and snails are popular pictures that you would find in medieval art especially in the margins of books that monks are using at the time. It is quite a strange practice but the pictures vividly show the epic battles that take place between the mighty snails and the knights. The margins of gothic manuscripts that ancient medieval monks use are the common places where you can find pictures of knights garbed in full armor and valiantly battling snails. Historians found an easier explanation for this medieval art trend, stating that being a monk in the 14th century is extremely boring. Thus, doodling some strange drawings on their manuscript could be a favorite pastime after manually copying an entire Bible.


  • Murderous Rabbits



Monks are again in the headlines with this particular medieval art trend. Some monks would make illuminated manuscripts, depicting beautiful works of art included in their holy books. There are common drawings of captivating patterns of ivy and flowers with in-depth words that would illustrate certain stories. In addition, there are drawings of murderous rabbits that do horrible things such as hitting people and bludgeoning their heads. The background for this weird art trend remains unclear.


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