The Most Revered Composers in History

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Listing the greatest composers of all time could be a subjective ordeal to begin with. However, there could be a consensus that all of the most revered composers in history have their fair share of greatness and ingenuity in the field of music. What makes these composers even greater is that they showed brilliance especially in the midst of the limitations and restrictions of their time. It doesn’t matter who the best among these composers are because they deserve the top spot in their own rights.

A List of Greatest Composers

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is forever etched in history as one of the greatest names in his time. Bach is not an inventor of new music genre during his lifetime but he surely perfected all the styles and forms of music, which ever existed during his day. The masterpieces of Bach are in the area of fugue music, a form that even the musical geniuses Beethoven and Mozart admittedly hated writing. Bach could create and improvise fugues in as short as two hours and only uses his memory to write them down. Bach is known for his musical complexities and in writing six of the finest concerti grossi in history.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The name Mozart is associated with supreme composition in music history with specialization in lyrical and melodic quality. Even other melodic composers are in awe of his genius in his field particularly the likes of Chopin, Schubert, Saint-Saens, and Tchaikovsky. Dubbed as the most gifted musical genius of all time, Mozart created and perfected classical music and wrote 41 symphonies, 23 operas, and 27 piano concerti. Mozart wrote full orchestral scores for his music with no corrections whatsoever.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven is the inventor of romantic music and considered one of the greatest composers in history. The start of his career is marked with imitation of the styles of Haydn and Mozart but his creation of his 3rd Symphony or Eroica along with his 4th and 5th piano concerti paved the way for the emergence of the romantic era in music. Beethoven’s works were mainly due to his idiosyncratic and finest crafts, making his masterpieces the finest of its kind in music history. Most importantly, it is noteworthy to remember that Beethoven achieved all his success in the musical arena despite his complete deafness that lasted for 25 years of his existence.

  • Franz Schubert

Schubert is synonymous with being the greatest songwriter of all time and the second in lyrical and melodic composition. Schubert naturally mastered all forms of music in his day and his passion for this form of art made him famous as finishing one song, throwing his finished work to the floor and grabbing another sheet to start composing another. The most famous masterpiece of Schubert is his Piano Quartet also known as the Trout, including a song that he wrote as a movement. Other finest works that are under his name include the ballet music to Rosamunde, his 8th and 9th symphonies, and the Marche Militaire.

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