2 Most Important Aspects of Productive and Effective Meetings

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It’s no wonder why professionals tend to hate or avoid meetings as much as possible because of past bad experiences and fatigue. When meetings aren’t carefully planned and executed, participants may lose interest in listening, contributing, and retaining information. This lack of enthusiasm may even cause the participants to be tempted in welcoming distractions such as using their phones or gadgets to address boredom, disinterest, or meeting fatigue.


Probably, you can relate to this, but what should you do if the situation is reversed? On instances that you are the host or speaker, what must be done in order to be effective in accomplishing the goal of the meeting and avoid wasting everybody’s time?


Here are six of the best tactics you can do to obtain a clearer discussion, better resolution of the purpose and tasks while gaining a consistent understanding of roles among your meeting participants so they can act upon what you’re trying to imply.

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