2 Most Important Aspects of Productive and Effective Meetings

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Today’s work basically consist of meetings every now and then. Whether you are in a corporate setting or working remotely; it is likely that meetings have become a part of your life as a professional or business owner.

Meetings aren’t limited to just once or twice a week, at most, there can actually have several schedules in a day. It may even eat a big chunk of your work hours, which in extreme cases can range from attending it for half to your whole workday.

Generally, a meeting is a good thing. What makes meetings counterproductive and ineffective however, are hosts and speakers who have not planned it well, or lagged diligence in executing, delivering, and hitting the right objectives or agenda. Also, time-wasters like non-essential topics, inability to start and end on time, and inviting the wrong participants and absence of the critical attendees make a meeting a disaster.


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